Fire Performance

Pyro MI easily meets and exceeds the BS 5839-1: 2002 Enhanced and Standard Grade Requirements.

The new edition of BS 5839-1:2002 (Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings - Part 1: Code of Practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance) describes two levels of fire performace for fire rated cabling for fire alarm systems. These performance levels have now been published within a British Standard. BS 8434:2003 Parts 1 and 2 (Methods of test for the assessment of the fire integrity of electric cables).

Pyro MI easily complies with and exceeds all the requirements for Enhanced Grade and Standard Grade described within these new standards and is LPCB approved.

Pyro MI is the obvious choice for both Standard Grade and Enhanced Grade critical signal paths.

Fire Performance BS 6387: 1994 Performance Requirements for Cables Required to Maintain Circuit Integrity under Fire Conditions.

This standard details the following tests to categorise cables according to their fire withstand capabilities.

Resistance to Fire 950°C for 3 hours — Category C

Fire durability test 1

The cable is tested by exposure to gas burner flames while passing a current at its rated voltage. Four survival categories are defined in the Performance table.

Temperature & Time Symbol Pyro M
650°C for 3 hours A Surpasses
750°C for 3 hours B Surpasses
950°C for 3 hours C Surpasses
950°C for 20 minutes S Surpasses

Resistance to Fire with Water Spray 650°C — Category W

Fire durability test 2

A new sample of cable is exposed to flames at 650°C for 15 minutes whilst passing a current at the rated voltage and then the spray is turned on to give exposure to both fire and water for a further 15 minutes. A single survival category is defined in the performance table.

Temperature & Time Symbol Pyro M
650°C for 3 hours W Surpasses

Resistance to Fire with Mechanical Shock 950°C — Category Z

Fire durability test 3

The final requirement is mechanical shock damage. A fresh sample os cable is mounted on a backing panel in an S-bend and is exposed to flames whilst the backing panel is struck with a solid steel bar the same diameter as the cable under test every 30 seconds for 15 minutes. Whilst the cable has been exposed to temperatures as defined in the performance table.

Temperature Symbol Pyro M
650°C X Surpasses
750°C Y Surpasses
950°C Z Surpasses

Beyond the Standard...

Pyrotenax MI Cable can easily comply and withstand the most onerous categories of C, W and Z using one single Cable Sample.