London Underground Limited - Test for Fire Survivable Cables

To fully assess the Fire Survival qualities of Pyro MI Cable and in response to requests from major specifiers, more rigorous testing criteria have been devised. The aim of the tests is to extend the conditions of BS 6387 to effectively recreate a more realistic fire situation by exposing the cable to significant thermal and physical shock.

In a fire environment cable has to survive not only the extremes of high temperature but also the impact from falling in the aftermath of a fire the cable must also withstand bending, further impact and possible water immersion during building and structural restoration.

London Underground Test 1
1. Cable struck directly with a steel bar (at the centre of the burner) every 10 minutes during a 3 hour period in a flame at 950°C.
London Underground Test 2
2. Cable then sprayed with water for 15 minutes whilst still being struck with the bar.
London Underground Test 3
3. Cable then bent at the point of impact through 180 degrees.
London Underground Test 4
4. Further mechanical impact shock
London Underground Test 5
5. Finally immersed in water for 1 hour whilst energised at its rated voltage.
London Underground Test 6
Pyro MI survived in this department store fire