Pyro Twist Cable System

Construction of Pyro Twist

Pyro Twist is a range of communication and signal cables for life preservation and integrated building management systems.

They have been developed from the proven characteristics of Pyro MI to maintain the security of vital signals in communication and data networks, particularly in hostile conditions.

Pyro Twist Additional Characteristics and Advantages

  • Twisted conductor configuration with a solid copper screen.
  • Pyro Twist available in red, differentiated with two grey sheath stripes for easy identification (other colours available upon request).
  • Pyro Twist uses standard accessories for the equivalent Pyro MI Light Duty cable size.
  • Pyro Twist can be installed and terminated by following the normal procedures for Pyro MI Cable.
  • The twisted copper conductor configuration enhanced the EMC noise rejection characteristics, reducing the possibility of system malfunction.
  • The exceptionally low impedance of the solid copper sheath provides a superior EMC screening than other cable systems.
  • Minimal smoke obscuration in the event of fire.